Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm still counting.....

I can't seem to write anything these days - except for all the things I am grateful for! I am continuing to count and record them all... I trust you are doing so as well!

385. Ummmmmm! home-grown free-range chicken and hodge podge with local veggies!
386. The sun as a "fire-ball"
387. Meeting a goal...
388. Ice cream with friends
389. Talking with Madi on the phone.
390. Teddie wanting to play.
391. A crispness in the air
392. No humidity
393. Sharing lunch with a friend
394. Rooster crowing!
395. Cattle "moo-ing"
396. Teddie learning a new command!
397. A clean house
398. Praise music - lifting a heart of praise and worship to HIM
399. A video sent by my S-I-L from his "iPhone" - Madi and the family vacationing in PEI...

Praying for His peace and grace to fill your days!
Resting in Him

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