Monday, April 25, 2011


My list keeps growing!

514. Snow disappearing

515. Door open and chimes "singing" in the breeze.

516. Teddie running in the fields.

517. MoJo returning.

518. Faithful friends.

519. Peepers!

520. Multitude of spring signs everywhere: bird songs, flowers, peeps, sandals, pedicures, capris.

521. Knowing that HE is in the midst of my Life.

522. Women that I love! Lord, Thank You for them!

523. "Good days" - when fibro pain is minimal - almost non-existent!

524. Restful nights.

525. Opening the patio door to see a purple finch at the feeder and hearing the "rat-a-tat-tat" of Mr. Downy Woodpecker at the tree by the deck. (I was thrilled to get a picture of him!)
526. Calmness - no wind - after what seems like weeks of wind.

I am a blessed woman! And I give thanks for that!

I am resting in HIS midst today!

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