Friday, February 10, 2017

" A New Year - 2017"

Good morning friends!
It has been a loooonnngggg time - one month short of 2 years since i posted last. Much has happened in my life in that time but always i say GOD IS GOOD!
I have been feeling the urge to revitalize this blog - and today is the day!

As i looked back on my last post i saw that it was about my WORD for the year ... and even though i was not blogging i was still choosing a word for the year. In 2016 my word was SHALOM ... Gods peace,,, complete peace and harmony. Mid January 2016 i had a heart attack and spent 9 days in hospital... and had complete peace! Thank you, Sweet Jesus!

So as this new year began to roll around i asked the Lord to give me a word - His Word - for 2017.

ABANDON ... meaning
- to yield without restraint or moderation
- to give over completely
- complete surrender to
- leave behind all else and surrender to ..

I am choosing to ABANDON myself to HIM first and foremost - as i seek to know Him more and more; ABANDON myself to my life ... with JOY ... and peace and contentment; ABANDON myself to all He has for me this year, praying for His strength and stamina to keep me and cover me.

Matthew 16:24-26 (my words)
If you want to follow me you must give up your own way, take up your cross and follow me. You will lose your life if you hang on to it - BUT give up your life for Jesus sake and save it.

Also see Mark 8:34-36;  Luke 9: 23-25

Absolute Surrender - this is revealed during our trials!
Thanking my Lord for His blessings today; for keeping us through last nights storm; for my hubby who goes outside in all weather to fill up the stove; for heat and food and love.

Hugs and blessings dear friends!

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