Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a Queen Anne's Lace - what are you?

After hearing a story the other day about the dandelion I've been pondering what type of flower I am. Have you ever asked yourself that question? As I write that I think that there probably is a Quiz or Test "out there" that one could take that would give them the answer to such a question.
I don't mean the type of flower such as a rose, or lily, or orchid, or a daisy .... what I mean is - am I a weed or a pristine horticulturally "pleasing-to-the-senses" flower?

What kind of flower am I?
Am I a weed that pops up anywhere at any time? Or am I isolated and growing only in my own garden of friends? Ummmmm? I realize that weeds can be a nuisance, but to a child they are beautiful flowers. And isn't our faith supposed to be "childlike"? Have you ever been handed a handful of "flowers" by a little child saying, "I picked these just for you."? What is any more precious than those weeds at that time? Nothing.

Am I the Christian who sticks only to her "own kind"? Or am I "out there" - popping up where least expected - with a gentle word, a kind attitude, a pleasing smile? Do I show the Love of Christ to all around or am I legalistic and rigid?

If I can choose I want to be a WEED - Queen Anne's Lace ...

Father God -
Make me a weed. Even if some people don't like to see me "pop up" ... make me a weed. A weed for You! Grow me for You! Prune me as You see fit... but make me a weed I pray! I want to be the aroma of Christ in this world... and if I do that best as a dandelion or a daisy or a buttercup - then so be it! Thank you, Lord, for Your work in me! Amen.

Dear ones - I pray you will think about this today asking God to form you, to shape you, to prune you into the flower that He can use - wherever your daily walk takes you. Blessings on you, sweet ones. Have a restful day in Him.

Here are some photos of flowers that I've been collecting ... none of these are my original photos (although I do have a collection started) ... enjoy!


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