Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Missing In Action -

My laptop is on the fritz .... Well - Not really the computer - but the power cord to it.... apparently some little creature (Teddie, I assume) has chewed his way almost through the cord and bare wires were showing. I keep it plugged in most of the time so hadn't checked the cords for a looooong time. I am waiting almost a week for a new cord to become available to me.

Lesson ... be more aware of his chewing (I thought he had gotten over this foolishness) and keep the cord up and out of his reach.

So, I have taken over hubby's computer to some degree .... but it doesn't have all my favorites listed in it! Nor the pics and 'stuff' I've had ready for posting ... but you know the old saying "beggars can't be choosy" ...

PATIENCE!!!! This is the second lesson I'm learning - no sense throwing a hissy-fit because that won't change a thing! I have to WAIT! and be PATIENT! Waiting is so hard! Do you find that too? or am I the only one? I think this is the main lesson I am supposed to learn thru this minor inconvenience ... as that is what it is - a minor inconvenience. If I can learn to be more patient in the little things I will be able to be more patient in the bigger things.

But what does all that mean, anyway?

To WAIT - "to hold oneself ready for an arrival or occurrence; to be in expectation of something."
To be PATIENT - "able to put up with problems or pain without complaining or becoming angry."
HMMMMM. How often everyday do we find ourselves in the "waiting mode"? Or being "impatient " about something
Here's my list - what does yours look like?
  • at the street lights - waiting for that green light so I can dash off to whereever I am going. Don't those red lights seem really looooong sometimes?
  • in the line-up at the grocery store when I really need to get home to start supper...
  • for the arrival of snail-mail as I am expecting something exciting to arrive shortly... or maybe not so "shortly".
  • for the courier to arrive with the package from Stampin' Up
  • for a client to show on time this time
  • for hubby to get ready so we can head out to Small Group on time
  • for hubby to arrive home from the Market
  • for the kids to get here safely after a 3-hour drive
  • will we have customers today to help us pay the mounting bills?

On and on the list goes... As I look at this list I am reminded that none of these mean much in the big scheme of things - as my friend sits waiting for the results of the tissue removed during surgery - "did the cancer spread or not... and what does either outcome mean for our lives at this moment?"

The patience needed to sit and wait for my computer cord is so minimal compared to the "waiting" she is experiencing right now... and the patience she needs for this. This kind of patience can only come from our gracious Savior -

Then I'm reminded of HIS return - we don't know the day or the hour; but we do KNOW this! He will return! Praise God! See 1 Thessalonains 4:13-18 - we must be patient and await this return of Christ. How hard that is somethimes when I see the world in the mess it is in. I keep reminding myself that HE knows it all and HIS plan is at work; HE will prevail!

Father God, I pray today for the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be evident in our lives - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Fill us with YOUR Spirit, Lord ... may we be evidence in the world of YOU by virtue of our ability to wait patiently; by our love and kindness, our goodness... none of which are possible without Your presence in our lives. How we await Your return! Thank You, Father, for sending your Son to save us and not to condemn us! We Praise You, Lord!

Blessings on each one today. Resting in HIM ... *RUTHIE*

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