Sunday, August 28, 2011

And ... still counting!

556. Sisters in the Lord gathered around a smokey fire - sharing our joys, hurts, pains - AND - HIS Presence thru it all.

557. Bling! on my new sandals!

558. Gentle rain

559. Blessed sleep.

560. Gentle mist in the air

561. Snuggles - with Madi-Joy!

562. The sound of the Cardinal calling to his mate.

563. A gentle breeze

564. BBQs with friends!

565. Fresh green and yellow beans.

566. Making Pickles.

567. Chicken stir-fry with hubby's chickens

568. Making cards with girlfriends.

569. Picnic on the beach

570. Church on the beach!

571. The book - One Thousand Gifts - by Ann Voskamp

572. High tide!

573. The roar of the surf!

574. Cobwebs in the flowers - covered in dew.

575. Madi`s voice across the miles!

Thank You, Lord for Your blessings on my life!

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