Monday, February 8, 2010


What is Love?
A feeling?
An action?
Or both?

Do you remember the "feeling" when you first met your sweetheart?
On your wedding day?
How about that first "love" in grade school?
How about your first pet? and then the loss of him or her?
How about when you first met that new baby face to face?
Have those "feelings" changed over the days, months, years?

Feelings can be fleeting things - they change with the wind sometimes!
LOVE is meant to be a CONSTANT!
What am I saying?
In this world we live in, marriages come and go .... children, siblings, and friends are written off!
How can LOVE be a CONSTANT?

God's love is constant! Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord that He never writes us off!
He loves us so much He sent His Son to the Cross for us! While we were still sinners He loved us sacrificially! How that humbles me! I hope it does you too.
John 3:16
Romans 5:8

Throughout Scriptrues we are given examples of how to "LIVE" LOVE... yes! LIVE love - that means "put it into action"!
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 tells us how to do that.
In recent weeks this portion of Scripture has been on my mind and I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to memorize this! Today is the day to start that!

God's love for us is amazing! It is boundless, compassionate, eternal, and holy. His love is life-changing! May you bask in the love that He lavishes on you and, in turn, pour that love out on those around you this coming week!

Blessings sweet ones!

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