Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I'm Thankful For Today!

More "One Thousand Gifts" ...
161. Loving words from friends
162. Playing UNO with my grand-daughter
163. Experiencing the joy of sharing as 7 year old Madi uses her Subway Card
(a gift for Christmas) to take mom & me to lunch.
164. More sunshine.
165. Fresh coffee in the morning.
166. These words from an awesome woman of faith -
"There's a way to do work that lasts forever. Just do everthing with love."
167. The beauty of a pregnant woman - her "belly" swelling with new growth; her face alright with joy at what the future holds.
168. Candlelight and candle aromas filling the house.
169. Big "blueberry" eyes smiling at me!
170. Hugs from hubby.
171. Sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles on them - lovingly shared with friends.

What's on your list today? May your day be filled with thankful moments!

Blessings - Ruthie

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