Monday, June 7, 2010

REJOICE - in Your salvation!

I am rejoicing this morning....

I can say with Hannah:
My heart exults and triumphs in the LORD; my horn (my strength) is lifted up in the Lord. My mouth is no loner silent, for it is opened wide over my enemies, because I rejoice in Your slavation. 1 Samuel 2:1

So much to praise Him for! So much to thank Him for!
In the midst ..... of life!
How thankful I am that He has taught me how to do this!
To give praise and thanks - in the midst!

These past 6 weeks have been extremly busy for me - today is the very first day that I will be alone in this house which God provided for us; by myself, (Hubby works all day); with all my housework done.

I plan on turning on "The Light" - Christian music on cable - filling the house with song!
Praises to Him!

I plan on spending quality time with HIM! Getting into the Word!

I plan on finding my craft table and making a few cards!

I have been so blessed by HIS plan over these past weeks - by HIS hand in my life these past weeks.... it's time to sit and reflect and write and sing!

I rejoice today in HIS salvation!
Can't imagine - don't want to imagine - what life would be like without HIM!
Thank You, Jesus!

I realize this is Monday - the day when most of the world returns to work and so on. The day when things start moving for a lot of people, at a faster pace than they did on the weekend. However, I pray that this day will be one of prasie and reflection and thanksgiving for you!

May you too, say
"My heart exults & triumphs in the LORD!"

Blessings dear ones!

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