Saturday, May 29, 2010

What God Is Doing....

What is God doing in your life?
Your community?
Your home?
He's always at work , you know!

I read this quote just a few minutes ago and had to share it with you all....
"I have learned that some failures come because we ask God to bless what we are doing
instead of offering oursleves to be used in what God is doing."
Michael A. MacDonald

Do I do that?
Do I ask Him to bless my efforts instead of saying, as Moses did...
"Here I am Lord, send me."
I am learing that the blessings are awesome when I offer myself to HIM
and let HIM have the reigns of my life!
He leads where I never imagined going and He blesses -
He enables;
He equips;
He gives peace and wisdom and strength.
Thank you, Jesus!

May this be a day of reflection and decision for you.
Present yourself to Him, to be used in His work...
you'll never look back!

May these pictures bless your day as well!

May the SON shine on you today!


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