Friday, November 5, 2010

Customer Service...

What do you think of when you hear the words "customer service"?
I think of:
  • service with a smile
  • pleasant conversation
  • helpfulness

I have had some experiences in the past 3 days which have me thinking about this topic...

First event was on the telephone - an out-of-town business number was on our phone - not a business that we usually deal with - so I called them back to see who had called and what they might have wanted; the girl who answered the phone was very curt and snapped at me when I asked who had called; told me she couldn't help me at all. I couldn't believe her reaction... guess she was having a "bad day".

Secondly - the next day I had to pick up some treats for our small Group meeting that night so I went into a local large chain Grocery store... I only had a few items so went thru the Express Lane - The clerk never said a word, didn't tell me how much the groceries came to, didn't look at me nor smile... and yet, as I stepped away I overheard her begin a conversation with the gal behind me - a fellow co-worker.

Thirdly - I purchased a watch at the local WM - got it home and the battery was dead... went in the next day and the gal in the jewelry dept. was very gracious, replaced the battery, and answered some other questions for me - went out of her way to get some info for me. All done with a smile on her face and in her voice! WOW!

These events have made me very conscious of MY CUSTOMER SERVICE - I don't "work" anywhere but when I am in the public or on the phone do I portray a smiling face and voice? Do I treat people with respect? Am I kind and gracious in my intereactions?

Oh Lord, I pray for us today - that we would be a reflection of YOU in the world... that in the midst of troubles and difficulties that YOU would shine thru! Give us YOUR grace today! May we seek to develop the attitude of CHRIST in our lives! Thank You, Father, for loving us and showing us the Way!

Blessings on you all this rainy day!

Stay in the Word; seek HIM diligently; and Love Him with abandon. *** Ruthie ***


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