Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Counting....

It has been a long time since I posted to "One Thousand Gifts"... so here goes!

444. Red sky in the morning
445. Times of energy
446. A completed project
447. A clean house
448. Little children dancing in church
449. Writing again
450. My puppy's big brown eyes
451. An impromptu lunch with friends.
452. HOT water!
453. At least 100 Canadian Geese in a field one morning.
454. The smell of Apple Crisp baking
455. PEOPLE - I'm a people watcher - love to watch their interactions with others
456. A busy "Winter Market"
457. Sun, cool temps, no wind!
458. Blessed sleep without waking due to pain
459. Baking muffins
460. Hugs from Madi Joy
461. Waking up every morning feeling refreshed!
462. Energy - and more energy -
463. Safety as I travel in a terrible snowstorm
464. Calm Delight in my Lord!

May your day be blessed with abundant joy and peace!
Resting in HIM,

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  1. Love your list, and LOVE your music. I minimized your blog for an hour and have just been listening as I make cards. Appreciate your posts here. I started a devotional blog a couple of years ago and finally attracted four other women to share in the writing. I also had guest writers. It was so fun to do. But last year I felt led to take that responsibility off my plate. Little did I know then that my father would soon be diagnosed with liver cancer and require much of my help and attention. Dad went to be with his precious Jesus in October. What treasured times we had together in those days/weeks before his passing. He was so eager to see Jesus face to face. He was a retired preacher and lived the verse from Philippians 1:20-21. Now he is experiencing the BEST!

    Thankful to see another who is passionate about sharing Jesus through any medium possible. Will love visiting here frequently. Press on, sister!!!


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