Sunday, December 20, 2009

In The Snow Storm!

Here I sit - in the midst of a snow storm ... hubby is outside, trying to "catch" turkeys cuz slaughtering starts tomorrow! Then he has to do some plowing!
I sit inside - nice and warm and content.

I cannot see the snow coming down as it is today without thinking of my Savior - who washes our sins as white as snow!
Thank you, Lord .... for sending Your Son - as a babe - in a manger - with the whole intent of saving my soul!
Reader - for Saving your soul!
Praise You, Lord!

Here is the continuation of my One Thousand gifts - I'm excited to keep adding to them ... wonder how far I'll get before I meet Him face to face? I won't stop recording them - even once I reach one thousand. I hope you've started compiling your gifts in written form - what a leagcy to leave behind! Make that your New Year's resolution!

John 3:16
Blessings on you today!
Stay warm and cozy - and REST in the knowledge that you are loved and cherished!

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