Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Thankful Heart!

More notations in "One Thosand Gifts" -
130 . Providing coffee and sandwiches for the "staff" in the slaughterhouse.
131. Relaxing with friends.
132. Brewed coffee with cream - ummmmm.
133. "Bouncing" puppy in his first snowbank!
134. Energy, peace, joy
135. Spending time with hubby.
136. Discovery ......
137. "Christmas" - the love of God, come to earth - for me! Thank You, Lord!
138. Kids, grand-kids, family, friends
139. Snow-free roads - making for easy travel.

What a blessed and grateful woman I am!

May this ending of one year and the beginning of another find you reflecting
on the gifts HE has bestowed on you!
In Him, Ruthie

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