Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank You, Jesus!

"Summer days, and the livin' is easy" - these words just popped into my head ... they are from an old song from years ago - I don't rememebr the song or the singer --- just these words. This summer has been just that ... with the sunshine and the blue skies and the visits from family and ----- S0 many blessings! Here are a few more of mine!

# 346. Hugs!
#347. Crashing waves on the beach
#348. Madi covered in sand
#349. Laughter - especially Madi's
#350. A Surprise Birthday Party for me - again.
#351. Fans at night to help us sleep
#352. Sleep
#353. Family
#354. Spirit-filled preaching
#355. Faith-filled friends
#356. Precious little children
#357. Blue skies
#358. Chocolate cake
#359. God's provision

Have a blessed day dear friends! Keep your eyes forward and upward and give Him glory for your life! No matter the cicrumstances - He is there and He will carry you through!

Blessings *** Ruthie ***

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  1. Hey, Ruthie....so great to spend time together yesterday with your beautiful daughter and granddaughter. I love the music on your site!!! Makes me smile!!! :o)


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