Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Birthday and An Anniversary!!!

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow - the 16th - is my 60th Birthday ....
Wait now!
That can't be right!
Let me do the math again!
60 I will be!
How did that happen?
Where did the years go?
Not only that -
It is the One Year Anniversary of THIS IS THE DAY REJOICE!
This past year has been an incredible learning experience for me!
I am so thankful to a gracious, loving God who opened doors for me
and has been by my side all the way!
To HIM be the GLORY!!!
My daughter and granddaughter will be home on the 16th for a few days -
so I will be MIA -
Missing in Action -
until next Monday!
I will be praying for my readers -
of all 3 blogs - :0
He gave me not one - but 3 - go figure!!!!
Blessings on you all over these next few days!
Peace and hugs!

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