Sunday, July 26, 2009

“One More Year”

Do you suppose God ever says to Himself, “One more year with ___________ and if there is no fruit there I’ll give up on them?”
“One more day, month, year and if _____________ doesn’t accept me as Lord then that’s it for them? I’ll give up on them.”

I think not!
Pastor preached tonight - on the parable found in Luke 13:1-9. I encourage you to read this some time soon. A couple of different things popped out at me as I focused on God’s Word... here is one!

God NEVER gives up on us!
He is patient beyond our comprehension!
With Him a day is like a thousand years....
He wants NO ONE to perish...
He desires for EVERYONE to come to repentance.
(2 Peter 8-9)

We will say:
· One more time
· One more chance
· One more day, month, year
But NOT our saving, gracious God!

How thankful I am for that!
In hindsight, I KNOW He was working on me long before I gave my life to Him.
He was not willing that I should perish!
Praise God!

I would walk down the road where I lived and enter into a little old unused country church... go right up to the front and think about God; think about His Son; think was He really real? I would ask Him to “fix” my life; to make me “happy”; to make me “nice”; to clean up my mouth; to take away my anger; to change my thinking, to ...............
This little church became a refuge for me – or so I thought!
But, as I look back, He was becoming my refuge; He was becoming very real to me; He showed Himself to be all I had heard He was!
His Holy Spirit was prompting me, convicting me, calling me!
He didn’t give up on me!

Is His Holy Spirit Calling to you?
Prompting you?
Convicting you?

He loves you and wants you to spend an eternity with Him.
Won’t you accept that call?
My prayer today is for anyone who happens upon this site that may not know Jesus or has fallen away from their faith –
Father I ask You to show Yourself to them in such a way that they KNOW You are who You say You are!
And Lord, for those of us who are growing in our faith – help us to see others as YOU see them – to see people thru Your eyes! To never give up on them! To be patient with them. Thank You, Lord

May this be the first day of the rest of your life!
Blessings and prayers -

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