Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"give us this day our daily bread"

Hubby and I have been reading the Word and praying together each morning now for a few weeks... [some day I'll share that "miracle" with you all.]
We pray each morning for God to have His way with the farm, the business, and us. Money is very tight and the business is not going very well -however, we trust Him to provide, and to do what needs to be done.

I feel led to share these 2 circumstances with you in the hopes that this will uplift you and increase your faith.

Last week hubby required "X" dollars in order to go to the Halifax Farmers Market on the weekend. Business was very slow all week - barely sold a thing! However, by Friday supper time he had what he needed to make this treck to the city.

A God-incident for sure!
He provided for our daily bread!

[for those who don't know - my husband has a farm and raises free-range chicken - as well as cattle and pigs - and has a Provincially Inspected Poultry Abattoir (slaughter facility) here.]

Today - hubby needed to go to the Valley to pick up baby chicks to begin the free range process for another year... he needs them now in order to have fresh chicken by June... as of this morning he did not have the $ to purchase them. By noon time he had sold enough product to be able to make that trip to get new chicks!

Another God-incident!
He provided again!

Praise the Lord! He is sooooooooooooooo good!
I give Him thanks for the lesson(s) He is teaching us at this time!
May we learn it (them) well!

I pray this encourages you - when you may feel at your lowest know that God still has your best interest at heart! He will provide what you need , when you need it! He will give you your "daily bread" ... remain faithful to Him and place your trust in Him - there is no other way!

God Bless you today!
Resting in HIM!

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