Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quietness = Strength

LISTEN .... the quieter you become the more you can hear.

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?
Be quiet and you will hear more?
How can that be?
How often do you sit without the distractions of children, cell phones, TV, iPods, etc?
How long can you sit without mentally doing a rundown of your day, your "to-do" list, people you will see and talk to, and so on?

Do you ever just sit in the quiet of time, being still - and hear the sounds around you?
  • ocean lapping at the shore
  • birds singing
  • squirrels chattering
  • puppy dog "snoring"
  • leaves rustling
  • bees buzzing
  • rain on the window
  • coffee bubbling into the pot
  • fridge humming
  • and so on and so on

Oh, how I love to sit in quietness! No TV; no music; no barking! Just me and God!

Isaiah 30:15 ... God's word tells us that in quietness and trust is our strength! Oh! I need strength! Strength to face the health concerns I have; to face the financial concerns hubby's business brings our way; to face everyday life in the manner that God has called me to. Oh, I need strength... HIS strength!

How about you? Do You need His strength? Are you being still before Him? Listening for His Words, His Spirit, to penetrate your soul? Are you taking time to just sit with Him? And Listen? The quieter you become the more you will hear!

Whoa... I am reminded of a song I heard a long time ago that spoke of hearing from God... and how He sometimes whispers to us but we are so surrounded by "noise" that we don't hear Him!

Oh, my precious ones! I pray that you will find time - MAKE time - to sit with HIM! To be quiet before Him! Sit quietly and comfortably in HIS Presence. He WILL speak! We just need to be listening!

Decide today to "Still and Quiet your soul before Him" (Psalm 131).

Resting in HIM - Ruthie

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