Monday, November 2, 2009

Armor Up!

We had a Veterans Service at church yesterday morning. It is so sad to see the number of veterans diminishing each year; as well as seeing some of our own young men and women heading off to war! One thing I know for sure - they need to be "amored up" if they have any chance for safey thru the battles they will face!

We too, are in a battle, friends!
A daily battle for our souls!
Last night someone said, "The devil is worried about you." to my husband.
He is worried!
Worried that his (hubby's) witness will rise above the obstacles he faces on this farm evey day!
Worried that he will continue to keep his eyes on the Lord.
Worried that he will stand firm in God!
Worried that he will come out a winner - as he already is - God's words tells us we are victorious - we are more than overcomers!

All this means that satan loses - and if you've "read the end of the book" you know this to be true! Praise God!

We need to armor up for this spiritual battle that goes on daily!
We must have the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness firmly in place! The shoes of peace on our feet!
We must take up the shield of faith and put on the helmet of salvation if we have any hope of winning this battle!
We must pray at all times!
(Ephesians 6: 10-20)

Dear Ones, I pray you will
Armor up today!
Not let your guard down for a minute!
And stand strong in Him!
He is your protector and your safety!

Blessings on you today!

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