Friday, November 6, 2009


What does it take for you to "celebrate"?
Are you one who is reserved and quiet - doesn't show the joy outwardly?
or - are you one who lets it all out and dances with joy?

We have been doing the study ... "Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed" ... in our Ladies study group. This is a study of David, presented by 3 awesome women of God.

No matter the season; no matter the circumstance; we have reason for joy!
Reason to celebrate!

Yesterday we focused on the celebration of our anointing, transformation, and redemption.
We had a breakfast beyond description!
We danced - like David danced - with cymbals; and other musical instruments; with sounds of joy and singing His praises!
What fun we had!
What a picture we must have been for anyone looking in on us!
I am sure God smiled upon us and accepted our offerings to Him!

Will you celebrate today?
Know you are anointed and transformed and redeemed!
Tell Him how that makes you feel!
Thank Him for Loving you as He does!
And as you celebrate today, plead for those who don't know Him to find their way to him!
Let them see the joy on your face, in your speech, in your actions!

Blessings on you as you bless the Lord!

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