Friday, November 28, 2008

God-Shaped Hole

Many years ago I heard a Pastor speak of the God-shaped hole in our hearts – how we long for something to fill this hole;
we yearn for it to be filled somehow – with something -
He said that Jesus is the only “one”, the only “thing”
that will fill that hole and make our hearts complete!
Make our lives complete!

I remember thinking about a popular toy for infants and toddlers...
Years ago I bought one from Tupperware for my daughter... She also had a similar one for her daughter!
The toy was round in shape with many geometric-shaped holes in it - a rectangle, circle, square, triangle, and so on.
It had pieces of the same shapes that would fit thru the holes...
(Do you remember this toy?)

There was no way the child could get the round piece to fit thru the triangular hole!
Or the square piece to fit through the circular hole!
Etc, etc.

How like that ‘toy’ we are.
We long for completeness and try to fill that God-shaped hole with so many things:
· Money
· Jewels
· Houses
· Cars
· Jobs
· Hobbies
· Church
· Relationships
· Alcohol & drugs
· Food
· Sex
· Gambling
· _______________
(you fill in the blank)

I remember back to the time in my life when I experienced this YEARNING.
Nothing was working for me, though.
Nothing seemed to satisfy.
Nothing filled the hole!

Then I met Jesus Christ!
Praise the Lord!
The LORD is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation
Psalm 118:14

He became my Savior and my life changed –
not overnight mind you, but it changed!
And it’s still changing!
This journey is an exciting one!
I wouldn’t change it for the world!

He saved me from myself and my destructive ways;
He saved me from an eternity in Hell;
He saved my from God’s wrath!

He saved me to shine forth with God’s love and peace and joy into this dark world!
He saved me to give God the glory and praise He deserves!
He saved me to eternal life in Heaven!

If you have made Him Lord of your life He also saved you FROM and TO...

If you don’t know Him yet - are still yearning and longing for something to fill that hole -
He wants to save you FROM and TO!

Won’t you let Him today?

Touch each heart reading this today.
May they know that the only one who can fill that hole in our hearts is Jesus.
Thank You, Lord for loving us so much that you sent Him to earth in a manger,
allowed Him to be crucified for each one, and raised Him from the dead to be our advocate in Heaven.
Praise you Lord!

Resting in HIM,

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