Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful Tuesday!

What are you thankful for today?

Have you sensed His presence this week?
Have you meditated on HIS Word?
Have you sung praises to Him?

Have you worshiped with fellow Christians without
the fear of persecution?

Have you been able to share what is happening in your life
and give Him the glory for it all?

Have you prayed a prayer with a child?
Or for a child?

Have you had the ability to go to work
and to do your work for His glory?

Have you told someone close to you that you love them?

Have you walked in assurance of His love for you?
Of His salvation of you?

Have you walked and talked in the assurance of

Have you received an answer to prayer?

Have you received an answer that has not been what you might have wanted but
you have the faith, the belief, to know He is in control,
and that His answer is better than yours?

Have you seen His hand on the life of a loved one?
Have you seen Him working in them?

Have you wondered how much more you can handle before you break, yet have the faith to believe He is in the midst?

Dear Friends-
I am thankful for all these things and I praise Him for them.
Spend some time giving Him thanks...
Make your own list and lift it to Him in prayer!

Love and Blessings in Christ!

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