Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a Greek symbol called a LABARUM.

A few days ago someone said to me as I wrote down a message
using “Xmas”…
“Oh, don’t use that! That takes Christ out of Christams!”

My response was,
“No it doesn’t. I read somewhere a couple years ago that
‘X’ was the Greek symbol for Christ,
and until I read that I would never have used it either.”

I’m not sure if she trusted what I said or not
so I decided to do some research on this topic!
I hope this gives you new insight.

‘Cristos’ is the Greek word for Christ.
The letter ‘X’ (chi) stands for the first letter of this word,
And the letter ‘P’ (rho) stands for the second letter of this word.
The symbol, as seen above, stands for the first two letters of Christ.
Many years ago Christ was written as “XP”…

This symbol you see above was a prominent symbol of the early undivided church…
found in manuscripts and art of the early Christians.
It became intertwined with the Church of the Roman Empire
during the time of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great…
who eventualy converted to Christianity.

Constantine had this symbol used as a military standard…
and it was carried by his army into battle (306-337).
One writer I researched stated that this should remind us that we too are in a battle …
a spiritual battle – and we must remain steadfast and strong against the enemy,
thru the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The word “XMAS” has been used for hundreds of years in religious writings.
In recent years it has made a reoccurrence and many Christians have taken offense to the use of the “X” in place of the word “Christ”… being unaware of its Greek origin.
It has been said that the use of “X” has been an attmept to
secularize and commercialize Christmas…
to take Christ out of Christmas!
As I researched I saw an ad from a 1922 edition of the Ladies Home Journal,
saying “Give Her A ______ for XMAS”.
That tells me that it was used during my mother’s and father’s younger years
(they grew up in the 20’s)…
However, I don’t recall seeing it used during my younger years ….
[maybe I just am forgetful!]

Think of this!
When my granddaughter or my husband write me a note and
put “X” and “O” at the end of the note, I’m reminded how much they love me!
When our granddaughter calls us and leaves a messages she even says,
“X, O, X, O, heart in the middle, X, O, X, O”
How cute is that?
She’s telling us of her love for us!

And don’t we need to know we are loved – especially by God?
From now on when I see “XMAS” – or write “XMAS” –
I am going to remind myself that God loved me so much
He sent His only Son to live as a man, to take my sins upon Himself,
and to die on a cross (X) for me –
so that I might be forgiven and redeemed!
[John 3:16]

“Amazing Love, How can it be,
That thou my Savior shouldst die for me!”
[not my words...we sing a song with these words in them.]

Jesus came to earth in a lowly stable;
And went to the cross (X) for us!
Christmas should remind us of God’s love for us.

I trust these words have encouraged you …
maybe the next time you see “XMAS” you can share with someone
what that “X” really means - Christ and the Cross!
And that HE IS the REASON why we celebrate Christmas!
That excites me!
I pray it does you too!

Blessings on yah!

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