Monday, September 7, 2009


Oh! This morning my heart is filled with such thanks and gratitude to the awesome God I serve!
Thank You, Father, for blessing me so!

61. Walking on the waterfront with Madison and hearing her express appreciation for the smell of the ocean, the sound of the seagulls, and the sight of the sunset... thrills my heart!

62. A surprise visit from Ang and Paul, and Madison!

63. Safe and dry thru a storm of wind and rain.

64. An awesome worship experience - meeting my gracious God!

65. My God - and all He means to me!

66. Teddie - sleeping while "mom" crafts.

67. The "smell" of Fall in the air.

68. The "sound" of chimes in the breeze.

69. Pain-free days and sleep-filled nights!

70. An afternoon and evening spent away with hubby and friends.

71. Beauty in the beginning of a new day.

72. The energy to make BATCHES - yes, batches - of pickles.

73. A magnificent sunset!

74. Ice Cream!

75. God's Presence as I worship with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

May your day - and week be filled with gratitude! May you see His Presence everywhere in all the "stuff" of day-to-day living!

Blessings on you, dear ones!

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