Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awed Worship!

I have been studying Revelation - not to focus on the end time events and all the symbolism but to focus on the awesome God I serve. Yesterday, as I was doing some picking up and throwing out, I came across a small book I had purchased about a year ago - a study book on Revelation.
I have to share with you what I read this morning....

Author Gladys Hunt tells the story of a Dutch man who was able to observe the Dutch sovereign Queen riding in the royal carriage with King George of England. He was so eager to see his Queen. The procession passed with 200 magnificent black horses stepping in precision before the royal carriage - AND - 200 pranced behind it. (my comment - can you picture this? WOW!) After the procession passed, someone asked the young Dutchman, "Did you see your Queen? And the King?" He replied, "No. Where were they?" He had been so overwhelmed by the horses that he had completely missed the royal carriage and never saw his sovereign.

Oh, My goodness!
I read this and all I could think was, "Please don't let me miss my Sovereign."
I pray I will be awed daily .... not by events or other things - but by my gracious, faithful, compassionate, loving, just God! May this be your prayer today as well!

If I (we) study Revelation - or any Book of the Bible - for some kind of spiritual greed or need - rather than meeting with our Heavenly Father and worshipping Him in awe - then I (we) have missed the mark!

Please don't "miss the mark" loved ones! His Word is full of His Glory - I pray that the awe I felt and knew at conversion never, ever goes away! That the more I learn, the more I grow - the more in awe I stand! Thank You, Jesus!

Blessings on you today, dear friends!!!
May you "stand in awe" today! Not at the "horses" but at your Sovereign!

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