Monday, August 31, 2009

My Blessings!

There is JOY in my heart today! As another busy week begins I want to take a few moments and reflect on my blessings! God is sooooooo good! I can't imagine my life without Him!

61. My God and all He means to me!

62. Walking on the watefront with my granddaughter - She says, "Oh. Smell the ocean. I love that smell. And listen to the seagulls. Look, Grammie, at the beautiful sunset." What a joy to hear her express such honest appreciation for God's creation!

63. A surprise visit from Ang, and Paul, and Madison!

64. Remaining safe and dry thru another storm!

65. An awesome worship experience - meeting my gracious God! I am so thankful!

May this day be filled with blessings from above! May you see them in the midst of the storm!
Love you all!

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