Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gifts Galore!

It's another Tuesday - a Thankful day!

#52. A "Cedar Waxwing" on the deck ... haven't seen one of them for a very long time! Here is a photo I found online ... isn't he beautiful?

#53. Hearing my grand-daughter pray at bedtime - thrills my heart!

#54. A beautiful beach to visit - to play and walk on. ("Footprints in the Sand" by Ruthie)
#55. A relaxing, restful day at the lake spent with a dear friend!

#56. Seeing my grand-daughter jump off the end of the dock! Awesome!
It thrilled me to see her having so much fun! (I caught her in mid-air in this photo!) I hope that you are keeping a record of the gifts God gives to you everyday! This keeps our mind focused on those things that are good and from Him! I am truly thankful for His Presence in my life - every moment of the day - and night!
Blessings on you today!

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