Monday, August 17, 2009

God's Footprints!

A couple weeks ago we had a singing group at our Sunday Morning Service - "Emmaus Road".
Beautiful music filled with the message of a saving God. I don't remember the name of the song or all of the words but this phrase has stuck with me - "God's footprints on your day"

As I reflect on these words I see His footprints - His hand - His presence - not only in my own life but everywhere!

- Carrying me [us] thru the ordeal of having my hubby's shop broken into and the sense of vulnerability that gives!

- Sunshine; beautiful days; beautiful sunsets; beach time; lake time... and so on.

- Harvest - Farmer's Market filled with fresh produce! (even with the very wet spring and summer we've had there is produce!)

- Spiritual Harvest - 5 children asked Jesus onto their hearts during last week's VBS! Hallelujah!

- Spirit promptings when I begin to grumble about something - He's wanting me to change this!

- Spirit-led preaching of the TRUTH of God's Word!

- I could go on - but I hope this has started you thinking about HIS Footprints on YOUR life - take some time today with our Lord and reflect on how He has left His footprints all over your life! And then Praise Him for it all!

Blessings on you precious ones!

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