Friday, August 28, 2009

Privacy ...

Within the past month I have entered 2 different financial institutions to open bank accounts - one for the Farmer's Market; the other one personal. I was greeted with the information that I had to make an appointment to meet with someone to do this. I was told that because of privacy laws I was not able to just go to the wicket, give my info, and open an account - someone might overhear and gain some knowledge of me that they shouldn't have. So ... 4 days later I go meet with someone - behind closed doors - who fills out reams of paper and opens the account for me.

Then I see a News report on TV about teens sending pictures (nude) of themselves to each other... someone has chosen to distort some of those pics and made a spectacle of another person. I hear news about Facebook and privacy issues.... "How can Facebook be private?" I ask myself. This blows my mind!
Then I hear that employers are using Facebook, Twitter, My Space and who knows what else, to gather info regarding prospective employees... using that info to help them with their decision to hire - or not.
And then there's the guy and gal in the supermarket, restaurant, Tim Horton's, Dr. waiting room, etc - having a private - supposedly - conversation with someone which everyone around overhears!

We, as a world, have become very "hung up" on people knowing "private" things about us, and yet we have opened ourselves up - thru technology - to that privacy being invaded.

I was just venting as I started to write this and really didn't know what direction it would take. I see us being like the double-minded man the Bible speaks of - being tossed about in the wind. We want to"share" everything from nude photos to info re. our daily lives - yet we don't want anyone to know anything "private"! Doesn't that seem rather ludicrous to you? It sure does to me!!!

about us! He knows our coming and our going; the words we're going to speak before we've spoken them; He knows every hair on our head; He knows were I'll be an hour from now and who I'll be talking to ...
He knows the secrets of our hearts! The desires of our hearts!
He knows those things that we would never tell anyone - even the person closest to us.
He knows the lies and the deceit that is in us.
Our lives are an open book to Him.
If we ever think that we can run from Him, or hide from Him, we think wrong!

I feel a burden on my heart this morning for a couple of people in particular - but also for anyone who is running from God. He knows us - inside and out! There are no "privacy laws" in GOD'S KINGDOM!
I pray for His conviction to fall upon our world today! I pray for people to see the foolishness of their ways; to run to Him and accept His grace and forgiveness. Thank You, Father, that we can bear our souls to You and KNOW that you will use our all to Your glory!

I pray that these words from a rambling old woman will touch some hearts today!
May God's PEACE and PRESENCE be upon you!

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am in agreement with your prayer. His will be done in all things.
    Blessings to you from the one above.


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