Monday, January 18, 2010


The devastation in Haiti is beyond my comprehension! Such complete destruction of a city / country ... and the people!

I listened to CBC radio the other day - and heard an interview with a Haitian man living in Montreal. He related this saying that the Haitians have that goes something like this.... "Beyond the mountain are more mountains." He went on to speak to the resiliency of the Haitian people.
I know it is human nature to ask WHY - why has this happened to this country - to these people? We will never know the "why"... we just have to hang on to the fact that our God is in control! And to be in faithful prayer for these people - praying for HIM to be shown to them in this terrible time! And to give - maybe like we've never given before!

This is my heart's prayer this morning -
May it be yours as well!

Abba Father,
Cover this land with your powerful hands.
In the process of returning the country to some semblance of normalcy bring them to YOU! That is my cry today, Lord! Bring them to You! You are a God of miracles - create a miracle today in this country!
Thank You, Father for what You are going to do!
In Jesus name I pray

Blessings dear ones!


  1. Amen, in agreement with you! There are so many things we don't understand, but God is still God! Have a blessed day!


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