Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is my second attempt at writing this post!
I lost the first one!
Go figure!
This program automatically saves a draft as I write and I've never lost anything before -
even right now it is saying "draft autosaved at".... ugh!
Do you suppose the ole thief didn't want me to write this?
Well he is not going to win this battle ....
although it seems that lately he has come out on top a few times!

1 John 4:4 - greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world!

I have noticed lately in the groups I've been part of
that when prayer requests have been asked for people more often ask for prayer for someone else than they do for themseves...

please don't misunderstand me -
I KNOW those requests are heavy on our hearts -
but I do wonder if we find it easier - safer -
to ask for prayer for someone else than we do for ourselves...
When we ask for ourselves we become accountable and vulnerable.

I am struggling with being where God wants me to be and doing what He wants me to do!

I make appointments for counseling sessions and then the clients don't show up - don't call - and I never hear from them again...
I KNOW that God uses some sessions in a positive manner for many people have confirmed that...

And I give HIM all the GLORY for changes that occur! I feel He wants more from me, so I have decided to take the summer off from counseling - I so seek His direction - please pray for this for me!

I know I will return to leading a small group in the fall but I have a vision for a group that is outward focused rather then inward focused -
focused on filling others up rather than being filled up every week.

Dear Lord ... show me - show us what You want from us this next year!
Give us Your wisdom and Your guidance.
Raise up new homes and new leaders;
May we be in Your Will.

I am feeling a desire to "study" and have actualy looked at some courses to take in the fall -I just need a Word from HIM as to what that will look like!

Maybe do some volunteer work -

Can you tell I'm "floundering"? Not really - but I am feeling "unsettled"... But TRUSTING! I Trust Him to know what is best for me! I Trust Him to work it all out - I just want to be open to hearing from Him! Whether it's in the thunder or in the gentle rain; in the fire or in the softness of the summer sun; whether it's in the rush of the day or in the quietness of the night.

So, dear friends - please pray for me .... I may not write every day OR I may write more than once a day! HE KNOWS ! I'm resting in HIM! Blessings!


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