Wednesday, August 13, 2008


And God said: “This is the sign of the covenant which I have made
between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you,
for perpetual generations:
I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be the sign of the covenant
between Me and the earth
Genesis 9:12-13

God made a covenant with Noah and all the living things on the earth
that there would never be a flood on earth such as the
one described in Chapters 6-8 of Genesis.
I encourage you to read this account for yourselves!

I get excited when I see a rainbow – such a beautiful creation –
I’m always reminded of my Heavenly Father and His promises to me!

I see it as a symbol of His love for the world;
to this world that rejects Him and denies Him!

It reminds me of His grace and His love for me;
Reminds me of the sacrifice Christ made for me – for us all –
on the Cross of Calvary!
And my heart overflows with thanksgiving for His Salvation!

The other evening – right after supper –
the rain began – and it came down with great force!
Just pelting straight down, pounding on our deck!
The sun was still shining in the west and I could see blue sky -
Silly me!
I ran around the house looking out all the windows,
looking for a rainbow ... but I couldn’t find one!

I love to hear the rain come down and this evening was no exception.
And, of course, my mind reflected on another memory –
A Precious Memory –
of God’s hand in my life.

This one I’d like to share with you....

In 1994 my younger brother (Reigh) was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer.
We had always been quite close and at this time he was living in Halifax.
He was not given a very long time to live (a couple months) –
and was told to get his affairs in order.
He came home to talk to me because he had decided not to undergo treatment.
He opted to try some natural remedies.
Of course, being a nurse, I came from the “medical model”
and wanted him to try every treatment available!

Long story short – he took sick leave from his job;
began seeing a naturopathic doctor and using natural remedies -
and lived a quality life for the next 18 months.
The medical community was amazed!

In the spring of 1996 it was found that the cancer had metastasized to his lungs
and there was nothing to be done for him then.
He opted to stay at home and receive palliative care there –
He did not want to be in hospital.
My biggest concern was for his soul!
We went to church as children, our parents were saved, and we went to
Youth group and all the activities available in those days for kids –
but he wasn’t saved.
Daily, I prayed for God to send a nurse into his home who was a Christian
and who would lead him to the Lord.

I visited with Reigh as often as I could.
A very dear friend accompanied me on one trip I took to Halifax.
I spent the day with him and in the early evening we returned home
via the Valley – Highway 101.
As we were driving along the stretch between Coldbrook and Bridgetown –
the sun was shining brightly, the sky was blue with some fluffy white clouds,
and there ahead of us in the sky was the most magnificent rainbow!

Instantaneously I heard a voice in my mind and in my heart saying,
“Don’t worry about him, I will look after him for you.”
I KNEW God had spoken to me and sent His rainbow as a promise to me
that He would look after my little brother!

Almost at the same time as this occurred my friend exclaimed,
“Do you see that? There’s a rainbow in the sky!”
We cried and we laughed, and I KNEW God right there with me!
We were both totally amazed and still to this day if we are traveling together
along that stretch of road we comment on it!

And this is how God looked after him for me!
He answered my prayers!

A Christian nurse was assigned to look after him - I had the pleasure of
meeting her and talking with her a number of times!
She called me one day to tell me that Reigh had accepted the Lord
and was ready to” go home”!
Praise God!
I will see him again in that heavenly city!
How surprised - and happy - my mother must have been
to see him arrive there the day he left this earth –
She prayed faithfully for all her children but didn’t see her prayers for him
answered before she went to be with the Lord!

Dear Friends,
I pray that you know that God hears your prayers for your loved ones;
that He does not want anyone to perish;
that He desires for you to call on Him with all your requests,
no matter how little they may seem to you, nor how big!
I pray that you BELIEVE His Word – and all the promises He has for you.
Trust Him today!
Look for the rainbows in your life!
And KNOW you are precious to Him!

Have a wonderful day!
Look around – see His hand in your life!

Resting in HIM,

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