Friday, August 1, 2008


Genesis chapter 1 tells us of God creating the earth and the heavens and all therein!
Verse 25 states that God saw that it was good.

I stand in amazement at the wonders of His creation –
Sunrises (I personally don’t see many of these!);
Rainbows; Blue skies and Fluffy clouds;
The awesome little birds that visit my feeders many times a day;
Rain pelting down and Thunder roaring in the distance;
The changing seasons;
Watching Spring time turn into Summer;
The first red leaf of Fall; the first snowflake of Winter;
The pattern of colors as each flower and tree blooms at just the right time;
A star-filled sky;
The deer that come out to feed at dusk;
The ocean as it flows in to shore and out again;
Wonders of medicine; a new born baby;
Our amazing physical body – the workings within!

What can you add to this list?

All these things awaken in me an awareness of how magnificent
our Heavenly Father is – how powerful He is.
His signature is everywhere!
Just like the artist signs his works of art –
so has God left His signature on this earth!

I wonder how some people don’t see / can’t see
that all that surrounds us had to come from
a Mighty Creator ... not a big bang somewhere!

I had the privilege of spending a few hours the other day
with 4 wonderful women of God!
The setting was at an ocean-front home; with magnificent gardens
which she calls her “divine design” –
She asked God to participate in the creation of them from the
very beginning and they truly are divine!

His SIGNATURE was everywhere!
The tide went out and then began to return before we left;
the fog rolled in and out a couple times;
the sun broke thru with all its beauty and warmth in between the fogginess;
a red-winged blackbird flew over a couple times, making his presence known
by his sharp call as he flew past –
I had not seen one of these for a long time so that was a delight for me!
The most delightful thing of all was to be able to witness God’s signature
on the lives of these women!
To see Him living in them, and thru them!

Genesis 1: 26 says that God decided to make man in His own image;
male and female He created them....
And in verse 31 – He saw everything that He had made,
and indeed it was VERY good. (Upper case & italics mine)

God offers us the opportunity to become a NEW CREATION in Him!
To give our lives to Him and accept Him as our Savior!
And He provided a way for this to happen –
thru the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and us asking Him to be Lord of our lives!

How grateful I am that He has such an interest in me (all of us) that he doesn’t
want anyone to perish but to have eternal life with Him.
2 Peter 3:9

2 Corinthians 5:17 –
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
the old has gone , the new has come!

He places His signature on our lives even before we are born ... we are told in Scripture that He knows us in the womb ...
that we are fearfully and wonderfully made ...
So we come into the world already “signed” by Him ...
But He desires for us to KNOW Him – to LOVE Him – to ACCEPT Him –
to SURRENDER to Him –
And then we are a new creation in HIM!
How amazing is that?

Dear friends – I pray today that you realize deep in your heart
how amazing you are – but more than that how amazing He is!
He is waiting to “sign your life” in a way you never dreamt possible!
I can attest to that!
Will you let Him do that today?
I pray you will!

Blessings on yah!
Resting in HIM,

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