Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are You For Real?

“Are You For Real?”


When someone asks you “How’re you doing?”
do you answer with “Just fine.”
or do you tell the truth?

Someone said to me the other day, “How yah doin’ today, Ruthie?”
I replied, “I’m good.”
And he asked, “Are you really?”

I thought to myself … ‘uhmmmmmmm; interesting.’
‘Do I look like I’m NOT good?
Cuz I really am!’

However, I know this person would have wanted
to hear the truth from me
and that’s why he responded as he did!

Just a couple days before, when I was shopping,
I asked the same question of someone and she replied,
“I’m not good. My life is a mess.”

We both told the truth to that question that
we ask so glibly of one another…
When we ask it, do we REALLY want a truthful answer?
When it’s asked of us –
do we REALLY give a truthful answer?
or do we hide behind a mask –
hoping that others won’t see our pain, disappointment –
won’t see our heart.

Do you ever ‘pretend’ to “have it all together” when
everything is “falling apart”?
Do you hope that people won’t see the ‘real you’
because it would be embarrassing if they did?

Why is it so hard to admit we need help and then to ask for it?
Have you discovered that it’s even harder to put on the mask
and try to cover the ‘messiness’ with a smile?
I have!

Do you take off your mask with God?
You might as well – because -
He knows YOU – He sees it all - the flaws, the mistakes,
the ‘mess’, the joy, the peace – ALL -
and He loves you – unconditionally.
You can’t hide from Him!

Verses 2&3 – He knows when you sit and when you rise; He knows your thoughts; He is acquainted with all your ways.

Verses 7-12 – There is no where you can flee from His Spirit.
Verses 13-16 – He formed you and knew you before you were born!

I hope you are convinced thru His Word that you are
completely known and loved by Him!
Unconditionally known and loved by Him!

How wonderful it would be if we could take our masks off
with our sisters and brothers in the LORD!
I believe we would find that we are not so different
from each other –
maybe then we could have REAL relationships with one another!
Relationships that hold us accountable;
that encourage us in the difficult times;
and in the good times;
that help us to grow in our faith – to grow more like Jesus.

I pray today for Your grace to descend on Your people.
For Your unconditional love to take root in our hearts so that we know it for ourselves, and then we can bestow it on others!
I ask You Lord, to give us a supernatural capacity to love!
to know when someone is hurting;
to be Your instrument of grace and mercy in their lives!
Thank You, Father, for never taking Your presence from us!
For keeping Your hand upon us!
Search each one, Oh God, and lead us!
Thank You, Jesus!

May you have a day filled with honesty and truth;
A “mask-less” day!

Resting in HIM,

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