Friday, October 10, 2008

The Best Is Yet To Come

“The Best Is Yet To Come”

What do you think of when you hear these words:
“The best is yet to come”?

Are you thinking that the future holds something better
than the present?
Do you think of heaven and all that means to the believer?

I received an email today from a friend with this
story attached – I’ll attempt to make it brief –

A young lady had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and was getting her affairs in order.
When she talked with her Pastor about her
Home-Going Celebration, the Scriptures she wanted read,
and the songs she wanted sung,
she said she wanted to be buried with
a fork in her hand.

He asked her why a fork and this was her reply,
“I have attended many church suppers / potlucks
and find that I’m always told to “keep my fork,
the best is yet to come!”
and I keep my fork in anticipation of a wonderful dessert –
of something better than the meal I’ve just eaten.”

She went on to say, “When they ask you why I have a fork in my hand I want you to tell them to
‘Keep your fork, the best is yet to come’;
Then tell them about Jesus and about Heaven.”

The Pastor’s eyes welled up with tears as he realized the unique grasp this young lady had on eternity…
She truly KNEW the best was yet to come!

At the funeral the Pastor heard many people ask the question “What’s with the fork?” as they passed by the casket…
During his message he was able to tell them
what the fork symbolized for this young lady,
and that she was now sitting at the
banquet table with the LORD…
for her, The Best Had Come!

The kingdom of heaven is like a king
who gave a wedding banquet for his son…
Matthew 22:2 (Amplified)

Our Father invites us again and again to HIS heavenly banquet.
He wants us there!
Have you accepted His invitation?
He loves you and wants to feast with you!
There will be no pain or sorrow there,
no suffering or tears.
Only rejoicing with the Father –
praising and worshiping Him for eternity!

I have a picture in my mind of what it will be like -
But I’m pretty sure His kingdom far exceeds my expectations!
I get excited just thinking about what that will be like!

I pray that you can say with great assurance that
you will be at the heavenly banquet table some day!
See You There!

Blessings on you today!
Remember –
“Keep your fork – the best is yet to come!”

(For I KNOW whom I have believed)

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