Friday, October 31, 2008

Gentle Shepherd

Gentle Shepherd

I feel led to give you this poem today –
I cannot take any credit for it –
Nor would I want to!

This poem spoke to me a few years ago -
I copied it and placed it on the inside cover of my Bible,
and I read it quite often!

The words are so precious to my heart –
I pray that someone reading this may see God for Who He really is
and come to love Him with all their hearts!

Blessings to you all

Beth Moore

Lead me, Gentle Shepherd
Save me, Lamb of God
Feed me, Bread of Heaven
Alone on paths You trod

Hear me, Intercessor
Answer, Living Word
Rescue, O Deliverer
Still the waters stirred

Plead for me, my Advocate
Set me free, O Truth
Soothe me, Tender Comforter
Shake hell’s kindred loose

Doctor, Great Physician
Seek me, Blindless Sight
Grant me, Freely Giver
Usher forth, Dear Light

Empower me, O Mighty One
Quiet me, my Peace
Keep me, Blest Assurance
From graven hand’s release

Chasten me, my Father
Gracefully Restore
Build my house right next to You
Escort me home, O Door

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