Friday, October 24, 2008

Consider Your Ways

Consider Your Ways

Haggai was a prophet who brought the Word of God to Zerubbabel, Governor of Judah, and to Joshua, the high priest.
(this occurred in 520 B.C.)

His words are still pertinent for us today!

Haggai 1:5
Now this is what the Lord Almighty says:
“Give careful thought to your ways.”

Haggai 1:7
This is what the Lord Almighty says:
“Give careful thought to your ways.”

A different translation says – “consider you ways”.

I believe these words are as much for us today as they
were for the people of Haggai’s time!
I wonder how often He has said to me, “give careful
thought to…”
I wonder how often I didn’t hear Him speaking…
Or refused to listen.

We are much like the people of Haggai’s time:

- Making excuses for not doing what
God has called us to do… (verse2)

- Going about our ‘business’ and forgetting Him (1:4)

- Working at whatever it is we do and never being satisfied or fulfilled with the end results. (1:6)

- Not turning to God in the low times (2:17)

However, there was remnant of people – along with Zerubbabel and Joshua – who were obedient to the Lord and they began the rebuilding of His temple!
He promised to be with them (1:13, 2:5)

As I read this I am reminded of an incident that occurred with me a couple weeks ago.
I enjoy watching crime stories on TV;
And I like to read good crime stories.
A couple weeks ago I was in the grocery store – you know the one – where you can do your entire shopping under one roof!
And I picked up a crime novel!
I didn’t start it for a couple days as I was finishing up a different book.

When I started to read I found it was not quite what I
had thought it was!
The language in it was awful and it was just
not what I should be reading!
So, I placed it on the table and went into my “work” room – where I do my card making and my writing!
I sat down at my computer and began to pick up writing a devotional I had started the day before…
It was just as if God was standing here beside me…
I heard Him saying in my heart:
“Ruthie, throw the book out. Don’t even try to pick thru it for the plot (which is what I had thought I could do!)
Just get rid of it.”

My first thought was: “No I can’t do that! That’s like throwing money out the window!”

But it was only seconds and I had the book in my hands;
tearing it up and throwing it in the recycle bag!
Thank you, Jesus!

So, when I read these words: “give careful thought to your ways” I knew that God was reinforcing for me once again,
as He so often does,
that He cares about me and wants only the best for me;
that He wants me to walk in obedience to Him;
that He wants me to give everything to Him;

I am so thankful for His voice in the quietness!
For His Word that is so relevant to my life!
For His daily presence with me!

Dear Friends,
I pray that you will be encouraged by the book of Haggai;
That my words will also encourage and uplift you!
May you KNOW that He wants you to consider your ways-
May you be growing more like Him every day!

Thank You, Father for your love and your grace!

Resting in HIM,

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