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I love COLOR!

Definition of color – quality of an object /substance with respect
to light reflected by it.

I love to use a mixture of colors when I paper-craft!
and decorate!
I’ve had people say “I never would have put those colors together!”
And I tell them to just look around us!
See the colors of our world!
When a garden is in bloom! Or a field is full of wild flowers!
Or the beautiful birds that grace my feeder daily!
The fall leaves as they turn to a myriad of color!
The numerous shades of green on a hillside covered in tress!
The blue of a glacier!
The white of new fallen snow!


Anything goes!
And if the Master Painter put them together – well, so can I!

One of my most favorite programs to watch is “COLOR CONFIDENTIAL”!
It is on during the afternoon - (I am rarely in front of the TV in the afternoon!) –
I have the DVR programmed to record it so I can watch it anytime I wish!

(AHHHH! The age of technology!)

On this program Jane uses a “color wheel” to help people in making decisions regarding colors when they are re-doing a room in their house.
She uses 12 different colors / tones from the rainbow –
Shades / tones of red, blue, yellow, purple, green, neutrals.
She describes the colors as being
· Primary
· Cool
· Warm
· Drab
· Pastel
· Bright
· Complimentary
· Clashing

I’m sure there are other descriptive words … can you think of any?

As I watched this program the other day I thought about color
in our world!

More than that, though, my mind was taken to people!
What colors do we display to the world around us?
Am I cool or warm?
Am I drab? Pastel? Bright? Complimentary? Clashing?
Am I Green with envy? Red with rage? White or grey because I’m ill? Flushed because I’m embarrassed?
Do I shine like the Yellow Sun? (SON!)
Or am I dark and dreary (Black) like death to the soul? (SIN!)

Am I Red? Brown? Green? Purple? Etc., etc.

Anybody else out there think like I do????
I sure hope I’m not alone in this!

And then I wondered what the Scriptures say about color….

In Scripture colors have a meaning:
· Crimson – blood atonement; sacrifice; salvation
· Green – new beginnings; eternal life
· Black – death; evil; disease; judgment; famine; sorrow
· Purple – royalty; majesty
· White – purity; victory; triumph; glory; righteousness
· Blue – viewed as a heavenly color; used in Old Testament to describe various hanging in holy places
· Yellow – joy; sunshine; spiritual enlightenment

Exodus 25 thru 28 records the LORD speaking to Moses with instructions for the Ark of the Temple, the Tabernacle, and the Priestly Garments (plus much more!)
(Please take some time to read this in its entirety.)

Exodus 28 uses vivid descriptions of garments made especially
for the priests.

Verses 5 & 6: They shall take the gold, blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and the fine linen, and they shall make the ephod of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and fine woven linen, artistically worked.

Can you picture what it must have looked like?
How stunning - with all that color!

What about US?

His blood – His sacrifice on the cross – washes away the blackness of our soul and cleanses us as white as snow!
We then are a new creation – with a new beginning!
We are to be the Light in this dark world!
To be the SONSHINE to those around us!

Our attitudes and mind are to be the same as Christ!

Beautiful, gracious, loving, kind, compassionate, inviting, sacrificial, humble, self-less, victorious, thankful, gentle –

What can you add to this list of attributes?

Are you a vibrant colourful person in the world you go into every day?
What about in your home?
With your friends and family?
With the unsaved?

This means that a color maintains it hue without running or fading!

I pray today that these words will touch you in a way to make you mindful of the color you are giving off!
That you are Colorfast in all your circumstances!

May your day be filled with all the colors of the rainbow!
And, may you be a rainbow to someone today!
Blessings to you!


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