Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thankful Tuesday - Sunshine!


The morning that I am writing this is definitely
a cool, crisp fall morning!

I had to turn the heat on when I got up this morning!
My husband came in after loading his truck for the
Farmer’s Market and exclaimed how cold it is!

And yet as I sit here with the sun streaming thru my window
all I sense now is the warmth from the furnace,
and the light from the sun!
My little puppy follows the sunlight on the floor trying to find a warm place to lay.

Today I am thankful for
· Fall
· Crispness in the air
· Sunshine
· Young cardinals at my feeders
· My granddaughter’s voice on the phone telling me
she loves me!

But I am most thankful for

I finished a major painting project yesterday and all I can do is give Him thanks for returning energy and strength to do again what I once used to do with little effort!

Thank You, LORD!
Praise You, Jesus!

Reflect on your bounty today!
Give Him thanks for, and in, it all!

It is good to give thanks to the Lord -
Psalm 92:1

May you have an awesome thanks-filled day!

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