Monday, May 25, 2009

A Gentle Rain!

Be still and know that I am God....
Psalm 46:10

Yesterday morning I stood in our doorway...
a gentle rain was falling;
no traffic to be seen or heard for probably 10 minutes;
a fresh “smell” in the air -
and peace!
The peace that only Jesus can give!
I thanked the Lord for giving me these few moments to Praise Him
and to Rest in His presence.

I could see the rain falling straight down –
and could hear it in the leaves.
I was reminded of a song that I like ... can’t remember the words exactly,
nor the name of it , nor the singer... :(

It is one of many songs that speaks to me as I play my iPod...
This song speaks of us waiting to hear from God in a thunder storm –
when He’s whispering to us thru the rain!
Well! This morning He whispered to me in the rain!
Has He ever done this for you?
Have you stopped long enough to hear Him calling to you?

As you enter into a new day,
a new week –
I pray that you will be still.
Take some time at the beginning of each day to commune with him,
to listen for His voice,
to recall His words to you in the “busy-ness” of your day,
to be aware of His promptings as you go about your routines.

Father God,
Be with us on this Monday morning as we start another busy week...
Help us to keep the main thing YOU!
Help us to stay focused on our spouses, families, and friends (People) –
to give them priority in our lives!
Give us love and joy, graciousness and patience, peace and fulfillment –
as we do our work –
be that in the home or outside of the home –
and may we do that work as doing it for you!
Thank You, Lord,
In Jesus Name

May His blessings fall fresh upon you today - like a gentle spring rain!
With love,

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