Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thankful Tuesday...

Thankful Tuesday is here again!
I am doing the study of Esther by Beth Moore...
we only have a couple weeks left.
This has been a wonderful study - I have learned so much!
- about Esther and Mordecai; Haman and Xerxes!
I stand in awe of our God!
The book of Esther contains not one mention of God and
yet His hand is all over the story....
I certainly can't and won't try to explain this to you!
Beth does a wonderful job of that -
so I suggest that if you've not had the opportunity to do this study,
find a way to do it!
You will be blessed!
Today I say thank you to my Heavenly Father for His love for me!
for His Presence in my life;
for His salvation;
for the joy, peace, rest, contentment, strength,
and victory that I have because of Him;
for the people He has brought into my life -
those that grow me; and those that I can serve.
I am a thankful woman today!
May you have a grateful heart as you begin your day;
May you know that He is with all along the way!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
In Him,

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