Thursday, April 2, 2009


When you read this word what do you think of?
· Childhood?
· A few weeks ago?
· The last time you saw someone special?
· A harsh comment someone made to you?
· A good laugh with a friend?
· How God helped you through a difficult time?
· Seeing a beautiful sunset and knowing that God was blessing you with it?

Oh – I could go on and on! As I’m sure you could!

Memories are a part of life! We all have them!
Some we wish we didn’t have as they were hurtful and take us back to a difficult time, maybe.
Others are wonderful and remind us of great times with loved ones; or beautiful places we have visited; or ..........

My mind is just swimming now with all sorts of “memories”-
· The birth of my daughter...and saying, “I have my Angela Rae”!
· My mother in hospital – very ill – and knowing that I had to stay with her rather than go back to work – so glad I did because she died before I would have gotten back to her.
· The night hubby asked me to marry him and the beautiful flowers he presented me with ... which had a gorgeous diamond ring hidden in them!
· The birth of our granddaughter – seeing her for the first time – so tiny – 6 weeks early – lying in an incubator – not being able to hold her!
· Falling and breaking my leg – I’ll never forget the sound of the break happening!
· So many memories where I could tell you of the hand of God in my life!

It is our memories that give our lives a richness that wouldn’t be there otherwise – whether they be happy memories or sorrowful ones.
Hopefully these “memories” have been places where we have grown, learned vital lessons, made important decisions.

I hope you will think back today and recall specific evidence of God’s activity in your life! Recall what you have learned from theses times!
If you are having difficulty with this task, ask the Holy Spirit to assist you!
He will show you the things that you’ve been taught by Jesus; make you aware of God’s presence and activity in your life.
When we do this exercise – remember God’s hand in our life – we are better able to believe Him for the present and the future.

God is faithful and compassionate!
He is present with you; He demonstrates His power in your life; Remember what He has done!

Psalm 77:11-12
I will remember the works of the Lord;
Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.
I will also mediate on all Your work
And talk of Your deeds.

The Psalmist who wrote these words was choosing to turn his focus from his pain
and to place it on His Lord!
I pray you will do likewise today!

May HIS peace and Joy fill your hearts as you remember...

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