Monday, December 22, 2008

“A Baby Changes Everything”

These words were part of the chorus of a song that was sung as a special in church this morning...
(I am writing this on Sunday afternoon although
it won’t be posted for probably a week or so!)

A beautiful song, beautifully sung!
A baby changes everything! How true!

The baby Jesus – God – coming to earth as a babe in a manger!
To save the world!
To bring forgiveness, love, peace, hope, and joy to us!
How amazing!!!
I am so thankful for this truth!

As I reflected on this after lunch,
I remembered when my daughter told me she was pregnant;
how I knew her life would never be the same;
how that baby would change everything.
However, I truly didn’t know how much it would change my life!
Any grandmothers out there that can say “ditto” to that?
What an amazing journey we’ve been on for the past 6+ years!

I congratulated a young couple this morning on the news of their pregnancy...
I know the grandmother is waiting in anxious anticipation for the changes
this new baby will bring into her life – into this family’s life!

I have so many friends who are grandmothers!
Who would ever have thought it!
I guess I thought I’d stay 35 forever ... a mother!
But a grandmother?
Just goes to show yah that time does go on, and seasons of life come and go!

I feel led to share this poem with you today!
I wrote this immediately after Ang told me she and Paul were pregnant!
May this bring joy to your hearts!

To Our New Baby!

A Baby!
A Miracle from above!
A Baby!
We’ll shower you with love!

A New Life!
We don’t even know you yet!
A New Life!
We can’t wait ‘til we have met!

We’ll love you and guide you,
And teach you many things;
We’ll play with you, nurture you;
I know our hearts will sing!

We’ll cry with you, and hurt with you,
And kiss away the pain;
We’ll laugh, and love, and sing, and play
Thru sunshine and thru rain!

Know this for sure, my little one;
We love you from the start!
You’re wanted and you’re treasured,
You’ve captured all our hearts!

You’re a Blessing! And a Gift!
So Precious – from above!
A Wonder! And a Joy!
An expression of HIS Love!

May 12, 2002
Mother’s Day – from your Grammie!

On November 13 /02 – 6 weeks early – precious Madison Joy was born!
How true the words – a baby changes everything!
She had a rocky start; but I knew God was with her!
I have prayed for her from the moment I knew of her!
My heartfelt prayer being for her to know this other baby – Jesus –

One day we had a conversation – she and I – and she was asking where Bampie was ...
“Bampie” was my dad who died when she was 3 - she doesn’t remember him but she recognizes him in pictures!
(I have a picture on my fridge of her, her mom,
and Bampie when she was quite little!)

I told her Bampie was in heaven –
Of course she wanted to know how he got to heaven.
Long story short, I told her that if we have Jesus living in our hearts –
if we’ve asked Him in – we’ll go to heaven when we die!
“I have Jesus in my heart”, said she!
And this grandmother broke into tears!

This Baby whose birth we celebrate this time of year WILL make a difference – WILL change everything – if we ask HIM into our hearts!

I pray for you all – that you know Him personally!
That you have allowed Him in – and allowed Him to change your life!
He WILL change everything!
Praise the Lord!

Merry Christmas!

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