Friday, December 19, 2008


He’s the reason I’ve been forgiven;
that I have peace;
that I walk in grace;
that I live!

He’s the reason I have a song I my heart;
that I am filled with joy;
that I am content;
that I live!

He’s the reason for rejoicing;
for trusting;
for growing!

He’s the reason for praying for the lost;
for the broken;
for the burdened!

He is the reason – the answer – to life eternal!
I am so thankful for the life He has given to me!
...so thankful for His coming to earth to save one such as I;
to save one such as you!

Dear friends,
Thank Him today for what He means to you!
For what He has done in your life!
And KNOW....
The best is yet to come!

Blessings on you!
Merry CHRIST-mas!

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