Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From the Cradle to the Cross

His love for us is so great
that He came to earth as a tiny babe,
with a manger for His bed.

He gave up the splendour of heaven for the corruption of earth,
to bring a message of love.

He lived as a man,
persecuted and ridiculed
because of the message he brought.

He was obedient to his Father’s will,
and sought to bring mankind to Himself.
He lived His love for us while He was here on earth.

His love for us is so great that he fulfilled His Father’s plan,
took our sins upon Himself and died on the cross for us...
For me!
For you!

His love for us is so great that He looks down from heaven
and desires for all to come to Him.

His love for us is so great that
it spans the gap from the cradle to the cross.

Father God,
I will never be able to fully express to You
the debt of gratitude I have for what you did for me!
Thank You, Lord!

Thank You, Lord, for coming to earth in a lowly manger
and then going to the cross for me!
Praise You Lord, for spanning the gap for me!

Dear Reader,
May these words reflect your thoughts today!
Express your love and gratitude to Him!

Christmas Blessings to you!

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