Friday, December 12, 2008

The Genealogy of Christ

Genealogy means “origin.
In the first-century days one’s genealogy proved that they were an Israelite,
the tribe they belonged to, and the qualifications of certain Jews for religious duties.

Do you know your genealogy?
Do you have a record of your genealogy? Who your ancestors were?
How far back in your history can you go?
I have some information related to “who begat whom” in my parent’s families... all because I have a sister-in-law who researches such things.
Actually, she traced back about 6 generations ago and found that my husband and I come from the same line way back there on our father`s side .... so we say we are “kissing cousins” !!!

In Matthew1:1-17 we are given a record of the genealogy of Christ!
Have you read this or just skipped over it? There was a time when I skimmed it – and possibly skipped it – but now I find it amazing what one can see in Christ’s lineage!

Here is what one Study Bible says about the genealogy of Christ...

“Christ’s genealogy is crucial to historic Christianity. Matthew traced the lineage of Christ back to Abraham to show that He was a Jew, but also back through David to inform readers that Jesus is qualified to rule on the throne of David, an event still in the future.”

Another comment that I have read numerous times regarding the genealogy of this time period is that women weren’t usually mentioned.

I am quite taken with the fact that Matthew mentions 4 women besides Mary, the mother of Christ... and 3 of those 4 women had known sin in their lives!
· Tamar [v.3] – involved in a scandal with Judah
· Rahab [v.5] – a Canaanite harlot
· Uriah’s wife – Bathsheba [v.6] – sinned with David
· Ruth [v.5] – was not an Israelite

If you don’t know the stories of these women I encourage you to spend some quiet time researching their histories and checking out how our awesome God turned their lives around!
In His GRACE He forgave their sin and placed them in the lineage of Christ!
That just blows me away!!!!!

I am brought to tears thinking of women I know who feel so unworthy because of their own pasts or that of their ancestors! God can forgive and redeem it all if we just give our lives over to Him! His AMAZING GRACE does that for us!

I let the Spirit lead as I write these devotionals ... many times I’ve started with my own idea and God has taken it in HIS direction! I’m no longer surprised that He does that! However, I am AWED when He does!!! I ask Him for direction and guidance and wisdom, for His Words to be spoken here, for His Grace to be shown here – and invariably He takes control!!!
I KNOW He has a plan for me, and for everyone reading these ...

My intent today was to talk about Christ’s lineage and the prophecy about His birth... I’ll leave that for another day!
God has led me in the direction of speaking to women – and men – who will turn their lives over to Him...
We don’t have to “have it all together” before we do that!
We don’t have to “be perfect” before we do that!
We don’t have to “have all the answers” before we do that!
We just have to KNOW that we are helpless and hopeless without Him!

Think about your lineage!
Will you be the one to begin a new line thru the generations?
Will you be the one to show future generations the King?
Will you be the one to see family saved because of your prayers?

I pray you will!!!
As you mediate on these thoughts today I pray for God`s blessing to be upon you!

Merry CHRIST-mas!

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