Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Things Have I Heard!

Last night a Ladies Group that has been doing
a Beth Moore Bible Study entitled Believing God finished.
This is an amazing study...
The primary scripture for this study is found in Isaiah...

“You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord,
“and my servant whom I have chosen,
so that you may KNOW and BELIEVE me
and understand that I am He.”
Isaiah 43:10
(emphasis mine)

The ladies present at this last session stated that the truth of this verse has
become very real to them over these past weeks.
Their knowledge, belief, and faith have increased –
they are so thankful for what God has done in them over this time!
I say
God is soooooooo good!

He wants us to believe His Word – to believe Him! - and He will enable us to do just that in our moments of unbelief...
all we have to do is ask Him to increase our belief and choose to do just that –
no matter the resistance we might get from others
and / or from the deceiver.

At the end of our lesson we were led to this Scripture:

One thing God has spoken,
Two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,
and that you, O God, are loving.
Psalm 62:11-12

This scripture spoke to my heart!

Dear friends, I pray you will know these words to be the truth in your life!
I pray you will KNOW and BELIEVE that our God is a mighty God – He is strong!
That our God is loving! – that He loves you!

Add this verse to your memory bank so you can haul it out
when you most need His strength and His love.
Never stop believing Him!
Make it your lifestyle!
Thank Him for loving you and desiring for you to know and believe Him!

Blessings on you, Precious One!
In Him,

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