Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Deception vs. TRUTH

Deception –
to lie; to mislead; to trick; to fool; false appearance or statement.

The first act of deception that ever occurred was in the Garden of Eden when the serpent told Eve a lie!
Genesis 3:4-5

He misled her into believing that what God had said was not truthful; that he knew more than God did... therefore, she could do as she’d been told not to do!
That was a long sentence, wasn’t it?
But do you catch my drift?
He was trying to change how she thought, and what she thought, about God; he lied to her about the consequences of her “might-be” actions; he caused her to make her decision based on her emotions, and on what she could see, rather than on her knowledge of what was right; He did this all in such a subtle way that she didn’t even know she was being deceived!
Ever been there?

You must grasp this fact, dear ones!
We have been lied to!
We have been deceived!
Satan is not going to stop working on us until we meet our Savoir – face to face!
Scripture tells us that he is the “father of lies” –
John 8:44

Satan’s role is to put a wedge in our relationship with God... between us and God! With the ultimate goal of seeing us fall! Please follow me here!

A wedge makes an opening bigger.
I am not a woodsman! :)
However, I am told that when someone is cutting a tree down he will use a wedge to assist him in getting the tree to fall in the direction he wants... by placing the wedge in a cut he has made in the tree on the side opposite to the direction of the fall.
(wish I could draw you a picture!)

He will hit the wedge to make the opening bigger, and the tree will fall in the direction he intends for it to. To the woodsman – the wedge is a handy tool; a necessary tool; a positive piece of equipment - its use will keep the tree from falling back on him!

Satan’s wedge works on the same principle but he uses it in a negative fashion!
He wants us to fall – for sure!
And he has a direction for that fall! Don’t ever doubt that!
The direction is not into, or onto, our Savior – but in the opposite direction –
AWAY from HIM!
When this occurs Satan is as gleeful as he can be!
He has achieved his purpose!

“If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:32

Jesus spoke these words – He is telling us that abiding in His Word - knowing Him {the TRUTH}- will free us from sin – from bondage to sin.
To abide with Him means to have a dynamic, ever-changing, vital, growing relationship with Jesus!
We must KNOW the truth;
We must BELIEVE the truth;
We must SURRENDER to the truth!
We must ACT in the truth!

This requires us to make a conscious effort to line up everything we think,
say, and do with the Word of God!
Only then will we be able to reject the deception of the devil – to recognize when he is lying to us – to see when he is placing a wedge in our relationship with God – and then – to rebuke him with the Truth of the Word!

Dear friends,
I pray these words resonate with you today!
May your life be an example of one surrendered to the truth!
Knowing it, believing it, and living it out – daily!
May you be very conscious of the tactics of the deceiver...
And may your fall always be in the direction of our Savior!

Blessings on you today!
Resting in HIM,

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