Monday, February 9, 2009


Don’t you just love it when you get invited to a party?
I do!
There’s always the anticipation of exciting conversations; meeting new people; spending time with valued friends; and of course, great food!!!!
For what’s a party without food!

Recall the different types of invitations you’re received:
o Elegant
o Shabby Chic
o Masculine – with fishing rods, tractors, trucks
o Feminine – with frills, flowers, whimsy
o Humorous
o Child-like
They have probably come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes.

If this is what our earthly parties are like – just imagine what the party will be like when we get to heaven!
It’s called a BANQUET!
What sorts of things do you picture when you hear that word Banquet?
I see gorgeous, colourful flowers; bountiful food; awesome decorations; beautiful clothes; crystal; china; silver... and the people – well! The people are the best of kind!

Just think we’ll be spending time with the Father and with Jesus!
With family and friends who’ve gone before us!
With people we didn’t even know were going to be there!

Jesus invites us to come – to partake of HIS bounty – to sit at HIS table – ...and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, “Come, for all things are now ready.”
Luke 14:17

Jesus’ invitation involves accepting HIS invitation to LIFE – here, on earth!
Involves turning ourselves over to HIM;
Involves allowing HIM to change our lives;
Involves obedience, discipline, surrender, humility...

And Then –
Because of HIS Grace and Love we will be privileged to sit at HIS Banquet Table in the Heavenly Realms!

I pray you will sit and rest in HIS grace and love... knowing that one day you will be with HIM in eternity!
How awesome that will be!

I have to tell you that when I wrote the title of this devotional PARTY TIME!
the “party-time” I was thinking of was not the one spent with Jesus .... It was the “pity-party-time” spent in my head with the devil in control!

I am writing this Friday noon time... You’re probably reading it on Monday!
I have just arrived home from the doctor – having heard some news I didn’t particularly want to hear... Hubby was off to work for the next 20 hours and he was stressing about ‘the shop’ and wanting me to cover it for him... and I didn’t want to! The sun is shining and I wanted to run away today!
So I began to settle into the “pity-party” mode... knowing I wouldn’t stay there long b/c I just don’t do that sort of thing! But --------- I was going to indulge myself for an hour or so!!!!
Ever been there?

I spoke with a friend – made plans to go for lunch – sat down here to write and this is the result!
I Praise God that He turned me from my selfish direction and moved me in HIS direction!
I try very hard not to give the old devil a foothold in my life – but he’s so insidious that he slips in every now and then! I must say that I am so much more aware of him than I used to be! And usually – as soon as I am aware he’s tappin’ on my shoulder – I send him away!
Today I didn’t do that immediately!
Go figure!

I’m writing this in the hopes that it will help you be kinder to yourself... We all get to a place of “pity” but we need to be aware of who is leading us there! It is not our Lord! Better to cry out to Him and spill everything on Him then to sit with the devil!

Dear ones,
I pray you will take this to heart!
We serve an awesome God and He has prepared a Table for us that far exceeds the table that the devil would have us sit at!
May you rest in HIS Grace and Love –
Knowing that HE wants only HIS best for you!
Satan wants his worst for you!
Don’t let him in there!

Father God,
I pray for each one reading this today –
I pray for Your Peace to fill them;
Your Comfort to surround them;
Your Presence to carry them.
May they sit today at Your Table of Blessings!
In Jesus name,

Resting in His Love and Peace,

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